The John Lewis Sound

Text Box: Trumpeter, Composer and NEA Jazz Master  
Frederick Dewayne Hubbard was one of the greatest trumpet virtuosos ever to play jazz.  Like no other trumpeter, his  impact on America’s true indigenous music is unmatched and recognized globally.    Levy.
Text Box: Text Box:             Innovative. Passionate. 
           Intellectual. Daring. Committed. 
Text Box: The Composer and Pianist: In recent years, although John has continued to perform as a percussionist, he’s focused his energies on composing and perfecting his own and very unique keyboard sound.  Although stylistically distinctive, John’s piano signature has been compared to greats such as Thelonius Monk.
Text Box:   Creative Genius,  
  Energy & Passion 
  Come Together in 
  Perfect Harmony.
Text Box: Throughout his years in the music business, John has earned the respect of his colleagues and friends as a talented drummer, composer, pianist and entrepreneur.  His leadership, commitment to and love of the Jazz art form are rare.
Since his early days as a percussionist in his own band while at Swarthmore High School in suburban Philadelphia to the present day as composer and pianist, John has remained true to his traditional jazz roots.
Throughout his career, John has played both the drums and piano.  Much of his early career, however, was as a drummer.  But he never abandoned his interest in the piano, nor did he ignore his instinctual drive to actively participate in the music business as both artist and businessman.
Text Box: The Entrepreneur:   One of John’s  inspirations is Dr. Billy Taylor — a prolific pianists and creative businessman. 

Following such a role model, John has sought to participate in all aspects of the music business.  He produced and hosted The John Lewis TV Show on which he interviewed internationally recognized celebrities.  On his own label, Finite Records, John produced a number of Jazz artists.  In New York City’s renown center of creativity “Greenwich Village” John open the  well- received Jazz Club—’Syncopation: Bill Cosby’s Hangout.’  
He even had his own car service so he could ensure his guests and performers could travel safely and conveniently to and from the club.

On the Melodic Modes’   John Lewis performs with drummer Ron “Vous Est Swing” Jefferson and bassist Don Pate.  Ron began his career as a boy performing at the legendary Apollo theater.  He’s worked with such internationally recognized artists as Thelonius Monk, Oscar Pettiford, Les McCann and Lou Rawls.  Master bassist Don Pate has performed around the globe with musical geniuses such as Sonny Rollins, Ahmad Jamal, and Roy Haynes. 

Text Box: John Lewis performing on the drums at the original Birdland in New York City  on a gig with Julian Priester. 
Text Box: Top:  Bill Cosby playing drums in  Syncopation, John’s Jazz Club in New York City.   Bottom: John interviews Buster Williams, celebrated bassist, on The John Lewis Show.

On ‘Get To This Y’All’ John Lewis performs with Rashied Ali.  The legendary Mr. Ali  is student of is celebrated for  his performances with John Coltrane. 

Text Box: John has performed with: The Swarthmore HS Band, Thelma Lewis of Sweethearts of Rhythm; The The Ink Spots, The Platters, Al Hibler, Eddie Hayward, Della Reese, Rose ChiChi Murphy, Freddie Redd, Nat Jones, Charlie Mingus, Howard McGee, The Dwight Mitchell and Willie Ruff Duo, Ray Bryant, Rasan Roland Kirk, Lionel Hampton, Sammy Davis, Frank Sinatra, Ron Burton, Al Foster, John Stubblefield, Rita DaCosta, Sonny Stitt and of course The John Lewis Sound.





St. John's Confidential File
Hello America!   John Lewis is a well-known jazz musician who doesn't hesitate to explain his love for music.
It's all about Lewis's sound.